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SLIT is a split CD-R between The You and What Army Faction and Anemic Royalty.

Its cover was a beautiful painting by Kyriakos Papageorgiou, that was taken and modified by none other than Mr. Cervent, thus creating something visually challenging, that could pass for an album cover.

Or something.

It was released by our very own Ghost Armour Records in just one hundred copies.

Get yr slab of plastic here: ghostarmour.bandcamp.com


released September 1, 2013



all rights reserved


The You and What Army Faction Αθήνα, Greece

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Track Name: Vinegar Blood
I'm on the floor now, I stretch my arms to lift me up
Sweet baby, take this shot, help me out
I know you, you can't stand seeing me like this
Give me your Hand, seal this thing with a kiss

Small changes, I'm goin' through this day by day
So wasted, I take whatever comes my way

Come over - You know it'll make a Difference
Sweet baby - Just listen though I make no sense
You haven't been there - You don't know it'll happen again
I'm trying - You wanna leave just lemme know when

Small changes, I'm goin' through this day by day
So wasted, I take whatever comes my way

It's all different
I wish that you could see me now
Believe it
If you called i'd tell you how
No, don't bother
I don't need you here no more
But if you'd see me
I am still looking at the door
Track Name: There 'll be no caressing tonight, baby
Knock on my door, enter the room, look around
Y been here before, I think Y can recognise the sound
The moaning, the humming, the screaming, the crying
The stories, the whispers, the talking of Death and the Lies

It wasn't tha basement, everything happened in here
Y've had so much then Yr memory must not be that clear

It wasn't torture, it wasn't pain, it was nothing to lose and everything to gain

It was freedom, it was love, do you remember?
You rose above

How do I know all this? Can't you recall?
I was the One you've been asking for

Track Name: Crawl Body, Come Back
Carefree and senile
I'm on a train of highs and addictions
A damsel in distress
my body and mind are my convictions

Tangled and broken
If you cared, well, I don't know
My knight in shiny armor
If you cared, well...

I can't stay
So take another shot
I can't stay
So take another...

Yr everything I got
So take another...

Polite and forgiving
Though I thrive in failure and demise
Gentle and tender
I can't believe how you feel for my lies

I know I deserve this
I'ts better if you left and never came back
I know I'll get over this
It's better if you just left
Track Name: Wouldn't it be better if we just fucked and forgot about it?
I've been out in the streets tonite
Watching their sick scenes
I've been trying but I can't take out
all this neon from my dreams

A pig stopped me yesterday
I said "Officer, what's my crime?
I don't know the difference
from a nickel or a dime".

Teeth and Skin and hands and knees
As long as there's fucking to be done - I'm free
I turn around and I face the wall
This ugliness I cannot see

I give up, I could stop
Nothing more to say
I'm just trying to buy some time
If you 'd only let me stay...